100% Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee – Roasted Beans 16oz.


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100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Roasted Beans 16oz.

This extra-large bundle of Jamaican Blue Mountain® Coffee is ideal for large functions. This is ideal for weddings, corporate functions or extra-large celebrations. What better way to celebrate that with an overload of the finest coffee known to man?

This 16oz bag of roasted delight is also ideal for larger families with an insatiable appetite for the finest coffee on the planet. Or the individual! It should last for a decent amount of time, but then again, it all depends on how much of a craving you have for Mother Nature’s most delectable offerings.

Indulge in our exclusive premium coffee. Our hand-selected coffee beans are treated with the utmost care to protect the heavenly aroma and flavor that has made it world renowned.

BAWK’s Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee is a medium roast that delivers spectacular flavour in every cup.

Net Wt. 16oz  454g (1lb) Bag


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