BAWK’s Boston Bay Style Jerk Seasoning 11 oz.

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WARNING – FOR THOSE WHO LOVE TO FEEL THE BURN! This uniquely incendiary flavour is NOT for the faint of heart! Boston Bay (Portland) happens to be the birthplace of Jerk, which is why our Boston Bay Style Jerk Seasoning represents our premium, top-notch Jerk formulation. It’s the hottest in our range, widening the most eyes and sending the most mouths shooting open, thanks to the delectable flavours of Jamaica’s East Coast. Can’t down it too quickly? Don’t worry. With a shelf life of 24 months, you can take your sweet ‘n spicy time!

Use on pork, beef, chicken, fish or vegetables to open an alternate universe of flavor.

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Weight 11 kg

2 reviews for BAWK’s Boston Bay Style Jerk Seasoning 11 oz.

  1. Heidi N. – Chicago, IL

    Your seasoning is so healthy and natural, NO preservatives or anything. We are so health conscious of what we eat. When I was in Jamaica last year on holiday I forgot to buy the season at the airport. Man, this reminds me when I was there.

    Your seasoning is awesome. My family loves this!

    Can I buy this in Publix supermarket or Wholefoods? Please let me know, if not I will have to stock up on this.

  2. William Preston – Miami, Florida

    Best seasoning.

    Thanks, I really enjoyed this. I love Jerk all the time. Its healthier and easy to cook with – seasoned it and placed it in a zip lock bag and left if in the fridge over night. My neighbours were like, “where is my invitation?” HA!!

    Thumbs up to you guy!!!!!. Will try you other products.

    Going to check to see if you are in Amazon Prime.

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