BAWK’s Jamaican Guava Jam 12 oz.

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Bring the taste of Jamaica in a one-way direction to your table (and taste buds) with BAWK’s uniquely tantalizing Jamaican Guava Jam! No more plain, boring meals. Enjoy on your next slice of toast, bagel or muffin for an authentic breakfast treat. This pure, exotic tropical fruit is exceptionally high in Vitamin C, and all guavas are delicately handpicked to make the perfect glaze, filling or topping. The potential is endless! You could even use it to add a new kind of flavor to your next leg of lamb or add it to any of BAWK’s Jerk Seasonings to give it a little twist of a hot, spicy sweet flavor.

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Weight 12 kg

2 reviews for BAWK’s Jamaican Guava Jam 12 oz.

  1. Susie Moore – London, England

    Hi Just wanted to say that your Jam is extremely smooth and flavorful. I used this as a glaze on my Chicken and leg of lamb.

    Will try this with a nice pork leg soon.

    Toast is always fab fav of mine.

    Thank you BAWK Foods

  2. Jill H. – Nashville, TN

    I love this… I will always have this on the table.. my kids love it too. All Natural –
    Hope to see this in Wholefoods.

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