BAWK’s Jamaican Jerk Sauce 5 fl.oz

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Why settle for simple meat, when you can carefully craft a taste explosion the likes of which dreams are made of? It’s all in a day’s work, for BAWK, thanks to our magnificently tasty Jamaican Jerk-Flavoured Sauce. This deliciously all-natural product is comprised of scallions, HOT, HOT peppers, pimento (Allspice) garlic, thyme, and a world-class combination of secret ingredients that will make your taste buds grateful you dug in! Just add 1 to 2 tablespoons onto your meat (per pound). Why not add a little soy sauce for a delectably mouth-watering marinade? Bake to perfection, and let the exquisite results speak for themselves.

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Weight 5. kg

2 reviews for BAWK’s Jamaican Jerk Sauce 5 fl.oz

  1. Michael Davidson

    Love love your Jerk Sauce.. This is the REAL DEAL…..
    Brings back all the flavors of when I was in vacation in Jamaica.

  2. Richard L.

    Great tasting hot sauce. I use hot sauce for many recipes and it seems to be the best for all. If you never tried this before, please go to the store and buy a bottle or buy online.

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