BAWK’s Jamaican Jerk Seasoning 11 oz. (HOT)

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Searching for a salivating kick that sends your taste buds on holiday? BAWK’s delicious formulation of Jamaican Jerk Seasoning is made with love from a mouth-watering blend of scallions, hot peppers, thyme, garlic, pimento (Allspice) and various other tasty ingredients from mother nature herself. Whether you’re cooking a meaty meal, frying a delicious piece of fish – whatever. Simply marinate your meat of choice in this superior Jerk seasoning for a minimum of 30 minutes. Trust us…the rewards will speak for themselves.

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Weight 11 kg

1 review for BAWK’s Jamaican Jerk Seasoning 11 oz. (HOT)

  1. Maria Garcia – Los Angeles, CA


    I live in California and have always loved trying new recipes. I had gotten your bottle from a friend of mine and wanted to try it right away. What i did was I marinate my chicken for the time my friend suggested and it tasted really great!

    I made a separate batch with tofu for my vegetarian son and he ate it all up. My husband and daughter loved the too. We will have this again again. Now I know what they say about Jamaican cooking. So much flavors. I will try this in a rice & peas dish my friend gave to me too next week.

    Oh – I wonder if I can make some Jerk Chicken Tacos out of this.

    • admin

      Great… glad you liked it.

      Yes, we have a few places in jamaica that serve Tacos and one of their big sellers is Jerk Chicken Tacos both soft and hard shell tacos. The spice and flavors are amazing too. Try our Mild seasoning first and then you can always even add our Jamaican Crushed pepper sauce to give you that kick.

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