BAWK’s Original Jamaican Jerk Barbecue Sauce 19.5 fl.oz

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There’s no need to buy a plane ticket to travel to Jamaica in a split second! Taste the land’s delicious authenticity via our incredibly mouth-watering, ORIGINAL Jerk-Flavoured BBQ sauce! When we make sauces, we know no compromise, creating the perfect option for any summer cook-out or spring BBQ. Whatever your heart desires! It’s cholesterol-free. It’s spicy. It’s got a shelf-life of 24 months. It’s yours to enjoy! Grill your meats on a sizzling barbeque, and brush both sides generously during the final minutes of cooking. Trust us, you won’t regret it…neither will your guests!

14 reviews for BAWK’s Original Jamaican Jerk Barbecue Sauce 19.5 fl.oz

  1. Francine S. – Los Angeles, CA

    This is really delicious. I don’t normally like spicy flavors as I can taste the richness in it, but this is the exception. Very good taste and a good value for money.

  2. William M. – Los Angeles, CA

    Love the sweet, spicy and tangy taste of this BBQ sauce! It’s perfect with chicken and ribs.

    Thanks BAWK

  3. Catherine Weeks – Washington, DC

    Love this Jerk BBQ sauce. Goes with everything from chicken strips to whatever we grill…especially our chicken wings. YUM!!

    We also tried the Jerk Seasoning mild . That is what made it. You have to seasoning it with your Jerk seasoning for you to really get the taste.. not too much. as its not jerk chicken you are doing. just a little.

  4. Phillip Stewart

    As a BBQ appetizer my wings well I will say I give it a 5 star. I used apple and cherry wood for flavor, and used your Jerk Seasoning Mild.

    Your recipe I will now be replacing it with a grilled marinated boneless chicken breasts as a BBQ appetizer. The sauce is awesome, People just cook with this. The Jerk Barbecue is the perfect call in making cookout well and puts that kick into it

  5. Tammera Lopez – Orlando, FL

    I love using this barbecue sauce. I use this sauce when baking and barbecuing. This sauce is tangy spicy and sweet at the same time. This sauce is affordable and the quantity size is reasonable.

    This will always be in my pantry.

  6. Glenn S.

    I made this recipe for my family and they loved my chicken. I couldn’t find pimento wood chips so I substituted chipotle chile, worcestershire and apple wood chips, respectively. Next time I will use Jack Daniel’s Wood BBQ Smoking Chips. The wings ere delicious and your Jerk BBQ sauce was more than perfect. I will definitely make this again!

  7. Tammy Anderson

    This is a really good tasting barbecue sauce for a very affordable price. It is thick and rich and is great on any type of meat. It is my go-to barbecue sauce, and we use a lot of barbecue sauce. It’s just the right spice as we like it. So different! Really want this all the time. Can’t wait to have this on our family cookouts. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting a fantastic good BBQ sauce.

    Catchy NAME and Label too I must say!!!!!

    You are are going now our household name without no doubt. 🙂

  8. Emily D.

    Love your BAWK Jerk Barbeque sauce. It is thick, and tasty and Spicy – Gives you that KICK, really different from all the other Barbeque sauces. I use it as a topping for my meats, as a dipping sauce for chicken, and as a marinade for pork. Will try it on my pull pork next. It’s nice to have when you are busy because you can just spread it over the chicken, put it in the oven and quickly warm some veggies or make a salad to go with it. I also love that different and value for money. Better than most brands out there. It take barbeque to another level!

  9. Patrick Allen – New York, NY

    Not a huge fan of the Jerk flavor, and I feel like I should of given it a bit more credit. But truthfully, I really love your BAWK Jerk BBQ sauce. My wife loves it too. I will giving you guys 4 stars.

  10. Gary W. – Nashville TN.

    10 out of 10! Sweet Jerk sauce with so much flavor, and not too sweet at all! Every kitchen should have this!

  11. Kelly M.

    I love this BBQ sauce!! It is my favorite!! It’s just the right consistency and has a lot of flavor!!

  12. Markus Grant – Miami, FL

    I love this Bbq sauce .. The taste is great and it comes for a good price … BAWK Foods you are just GREAT. I buy your coffee all the time. You have a loyal customers always.

    You are a household name. Thank you!

  13. Tania H – Tampa, FL

    I love condiments more than food and this Jerk BBQ sauce is one of my favorites. This BBQ sauce is PERFECT to grill with. Will try the Jerk seasoning and see how that works.

  14. Johnny Morris – Atlanta, GA

    I use this on chicken wings and nuggets and fries… hahah it’s a good combo I recommend this honestly. Nice little kick to it too.

    Buffalo Wild Wings you should use this. So good!!

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